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What did you say? How are Blacks experiencing a modern-day Juneteenth?

On the anniversary of Juneteenth years ago, a Caucasian co-worker asked me about Juneteenth. I had forgotten what it meant, and asked her what it was. She was all too happy to remind me of what it was and absolutely shocked that me being African American didn't know my own history. Of course when she told me I remembered what it was. What she didn't know was that Blacks do not like to be reminded of the bad things that happened to us in this country, so I conveniently buried that bit of ugly history deep in my mind to the point where I had forgotten what it was called...Juneteenth. Juneteenth refers to the time when a group of Blacks were emancipated from slavery but their kidnappers/slave holders kept the information from them and they went on enslaved for two more years after slavery had ended. Here is an official statement with facts about Juneteenth from the Whitehouse: . . But Juneteenth w

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