What did you say? How are Blacks experiencing a modern-day Juneteenth?

On the anniversary of Juneteenth years ago, a Caucasian co-worker asked me about Juneteenth. I had forgotten what it meant, and asked her what it was. She was all too happy to remind me of what it was and absolutely shocked that me being African American didn't know my own history. Of course when she told me I remembered what it was. What she didn't know was that Blacks do not like to be reminded of the bad things that happened to us in this country, so I conveniently buried that bit of ugly history deep in my mind to the point where I had forgotten what it was called...Juneteenth.

Juneteenth refers to the time when a group of Blacks were emancipated from slavery but their kidnappers/slave holders kept the information from them and they went on enslaved for two more years after slavery had ended. Here is an official statement with facts about Juneteenth from the Whitehouse: .https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/presidential-message-juneteenth/.

But Juneteenth was all about slavery, you might say. So how does that possibly relate to anything going on today? I'm glad you asked. Juneteenth was about keeping people in the dark. It was about not revealing pertinent information to them that was extremely beneficial to them. It was about keeping people in a position that did not benefit them. It was about keeping people in the dark because it benefited more the ones withholding the knowledge. Blacks are experiencing a Juneteenth moment right now, every time they listen to the establishment media, and democrat politicians. If Blacks tune in only to reports from establishment media (aka: liberal media, mainstream media (MSM), the left), which includes but is not limited to The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC and CBS to name a few, they are being completely deceived and blocked from understanding that a very rare and unique opportunity has been made available to them, one that has never been made to them before. Dark forces are working overtime to trick and bamboozle Black's into allowing this opportunity to pass them right by. This unique opportunity is the unpopular decision to take President Trump up on his offer, which is to allow Trump to be a champion for Blacks, and to put Black Americans first too in his America-first agenda.

Here is a short list of pro-Black Trump policy and anti-Black liberal policy that the MSM and their partners do not present to Blacks.

Pro Black Trump Policy
  • Criminal Justice Reform: first step act, second chance hiring
  • School Choice
  • Pro-life, anti-abortion
  • opportunity zones
  • religious liberty
Anti Black Liberal Policy
  • 1994 Crime Bill and mass incarceration of Black men
  • Failing Public Schools
  • Pro-choice, support for Planned Parenthood, abortion
  • Blighted, crime ridden, inner cities
  • The rise and promotion of paganism
In future posts I will explain how each of these pro-Black policies are uniquely beneficial to Blacks in real time compared to how the anti-Black liberal policies are harmful to Blacks and have been in place for decades.

This modern-day Juneteenth moment experienced by US Blacks comes by way of the mainstream media (and their partners: Black and White democrat politicians, Hollywood, wealthy liberals), because these media exhibit behavior such as that exhibited by slave holders on Juneteenth. Like as on Juneteenth, 1) the MSM of today keep Blacks in the dark about Trump's pro-Black attitude and policies, 2) these policies (listed above) are extremely beneficial to Blacks because they are designed to help them 100 percent, and 3) by keeping this information from Blacks, MSM and their partners keep Blacks in a position that is not beneficial to Blacks yet is completely beneficial to MSM and their partners.

Two questions immediately come to mind from what was just said. How does the MSM benefit by keeping Blacks in the dark? And, what then are they reporting about Trump in place of his pro-Black agenda? The answer to the first question is that keeping Blacks in the dark is beneficial because it translates to keeping the Black vote in the democrat party and thereby keeping their liberal agendas infused in laws and in the lives of Americans thanks to the power of the Black vote. Only a handful of people own all of mainstream media and their best interests are served by liberal ideologies, which I will address in a separate post. To the second question about what they are propagating about Trump instead, the answer is that they have developed a full blown strategy to convince Blacks that Trump is a racist and this strategy has been implemented during and after their Russia, Ukraine, and impeachment attacks on Trump. In reality, this 'Trump is a racist' strategy, which is what they are left with is just a page out of an old playbook. Surely Blacks are more capable than anyone at identifying someone who is racist. Yet, Blacks are allowing white (and Black) liberals to tell them who they should think is racist and the very ones telling Blacks who they should think is racist have supported anti-Black legislation for decades (e.g., Biden, Bill Clinton's 94 crime bill, Hillary Clinton's "black juveniles are super predators lock them up" remember this? https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/02/25/hillary-clinton-heckled-super-predator.cnn).  

Is it my imagination that Blacks have been complaining about how racist the Academy Awards and Hollywood are? Didn't Blacks in the recent past protest and boycott the Academy Awards because of racism before Trump was elected? How about now? (see Micheal Jordon at George Floyd protest: https://www.vulture.com/2020/06/michael-b-jordan-tells-hollywood-to-commit-to-black-hiring.html). Blacks are allowing these same people to decide for them who they should believe is racist? Shame on Black people.  

Contrasted to the 'Trump is a racist' propaganda from the liberal left is what Trump has to offer. He is offering a new possibility for Blacks, a day where Blacks are welcomed members of his all new inclusive Republican party. The left are shaking in their boots over this because Blacks are the bedrock for their democrat party, for votes and for spring-boarding their liberal special interests off of. Liberals need Blacks to join them because of the civil rights we have obtained through a long legacy of outrageous and torturous struggle and torment from slavery to mass incarceration and father absence. They want their liberal agendas and ideology to be permanently enshrined in US laws, and to that end they work hard at construing a reality that their fights (i.e, gay rights, illegal immigration, pro-choice, etc...) are Black people's fights, which could not be further from the truth. Black people cannot afford to fight these fights and have sacrificed too much to be used by others to advance other group's causes and special interests. 

No one in President Trump's powerful position has ever taken Black Americans this seriously. With Trump, Blacks are treated like long time Americans who deserve to be put first. It is an enviable position that Blacks find themselves in under the Trump administration and an opportunity they can't afford to let pass them by. Blacks have to prevent the left from causing them to miss this opportunity. Think of it, the most powerful person on the planet has asked to be our champion, is openly, boldly and unashamedly courting and working for our vote and has been from the very start of his campaign. If you are not aware of Trump's pro-Black activity than you have been Juneteenthed. What do we have to loose if we give him a chance? Better question: what do we have to gain? This question is what I will be exploring in detail in subsequent blogs.

Hopefully, by the time Juneteenth comes back around this year, June 19 2020, Blacks will celebrate their emancipation from the propaganda of mainstream media, Hollywood, and Democrats. Hopefully Blacks will see the deception of the left and how they take advantage of the Black vote, and the Black plight in America with nothing to offer Blacks in return except contempt and handouts, and a strong message that Blacks are victims and always will be. It is a new day for Black Americans, and hopefully we will give Trump the same portion of our votes in November 2020 that we gave Hillary Clinton in 2016. The only thing Hillary offered Blacks for such a large vote was a free Beyonce and Jay Z concert.


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